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    New eWaster in the Panhandle of Florida

    My name is Jonathan Lyons, I am a US Army combat veteran. A fellow veteran and I have started collecting eWaste in the Panhandle of Florida from various sources and I am look for a buyer. I have three 20 foot shipping containers full of miscellaneous electronics at moment. The inventory ranges from TVs (CRT's, plasma's, and LCD's) down to hard drives and keyboards. I have a lot of stuff. I am going to separate and palletize all the material. I have 300+ computer towers and 100+ flat screen monitors just to kind of give you an example. I also have cell phones, office phones, faxes, printers, copiers, laptops, keyboards, all kinds of things. I am looking for a long term buyer because we are just starting out but plan to expand quickly. We just started this to see how well it would do and we have had an overwhelming response. We didn't expect for it to blow up this quickly so we are working on getting a facility where we can break all this stuff down and separate it. I am looking for someone to service our site continuously. Like I said, we are just starting out so any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated also. Anybody got any suggestions or advice? I have been in the metal recycling business for a while and this eWaste is new to me.

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Welcome to the forums from a sandbar off the coast of NC. Lots of folks from FL here, an along with our vets, you should feel right at home. On just getting found the university for all that is scrap. You'll come not knowing much, an leave with a Master's in all that is scrap.

    Grab a chair, dig in an do some reading, once you've done that get to asking questions for that which you can't find.

    An..since I can't do it where all the vets read..Thank you for your service.

    Good luck an keep us updated on how things go for you.

    Sirscrapalot - Keeper of the traveling cooler.

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    If you enjoy your freedom, thank a vet.

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