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    Thought I'd introduce what I do in my business. While I leave it open to buy anything that I can make a buck on, I now center on electronics and appliances. I buy everything as scrap that is brought to me, and also do pickups from businesses that have large loads. I figure in transportation and time and it's sometimes a wash so it's just picking up everything for free a lot of the time.

    An important thing I do is create relationships with local businesses. I have a few places that I clear out of old broken appliances a couple times a year, buy junk appliances from an appliance recycler, purchase from scrap yards, and also take walk-ins from individuals.

    Most everything is parted out and resold. I scrap the rest. ebay works very well for me, and it accounts for at least 2/3 of my income. I do have some bulk purchasers that I use from time to time to move inventory.

    If anyone has any questions about anything, I'll do my best to help.
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