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Question to smaller scrapyards

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    Question to smaller scrapyards

    A question for the smaller scrap yards that sell their scrap to bigger scrapyards.
    How much more to you get per lbs for various metals than the regular costumers?
    What are the terms of your deal with the yard?
    Can you sell to them whenever you wqnt or do you have to wait until they get an order or something like that?

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    Maybe while they are at it, they'll show you their business plan and end of year financials?

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    It really depends. I can tell you for example that two different public yards here in Las Vegas average a $.65ish/lb margin for bare bright and around .20-25 for 6063 bare. A couple of others have slightly lower margins. And the real cheapskate yard here makes over $1/lb on their copper Their dealer pricing reduces that margin by as much as half compared to the public walk-in pricing.

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