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A question to those who buys scrap from companies

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    A question to those who buys scrap from companies

    I wonder how you guys do it. Do you wait until they call you and say that their dumpster/cointainer is full and you make an apointment, or do you work by a schedule were you go to the same place like every monday for example, or do you go there whenever you feel like it without making an appointment?

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    Depends on the client. Say the client is a machine shop with regular production that ends up with a bin full of aluminum borings and a barrel for of aluminum solids every week. Makes sense to have a regular scheduled pick-up. But if that same shop has irregular production have them call with a day or two notice to have their bins swapped out for empty ones. Or if the client is, for example, a small computer repair shop that accumulatess 60-90lbs of laptop batteries every couple months plus various other e-waste just stop by from time to time because they likely won't call you unless stuff gets in the way and they don't create scrap at a pace that a regular pick-up makes sense. Pick-ups depend entirely on the needs of the client this way. There's no other proper rule about it in my experience. Others probably have different experiences

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    It depends on the clients needs. It may be on a normal schedule with emergency pick ups, or it could be as needed.

    Most businesses already have a "solution" for thier scrap problem. You need to be better that what they already have.

    It may be that they throw it in the trash or get payed for it. Every account is dufferent.

    If they trash it, you can lower thierbtrash bill.

    If some one pick up for free or pays, are they convenient or pay enough?

    You need to find out who is responsible for making it go away and who has the authority to adjust how it happens. Ask them if they are happy with the current situation and if there is anything they would change

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