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Anyone want to help me out by posting a good review

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    Anyone want to help me out by posting a good review

    Looking for someone to jumpstart my account, I'm willing to compensate by either a small PayPal gift (5$) or you could get the product for free (10$) really cool ceramic coating that works great. I don't know if y'all take detailing your vehicle as serious as I do, but it's a weekly full blown detail and only I touch the paint. This would be a good gift for someone who enjoys it or maybe do the wife's car to make cleaning it easier. I have the reviews wrote out, just message me and I'll send you a link and if you really want to do this out of kindness I would greatly appreciate everything. I'm just trying to better the life for my family, trying to spend more time with my 8 month old instead of working overtime just to get by. The stuff actually does a good job, I wouldn't sell junk. I'll even have discount codes once I get it in stock to order. (Will be in stock within 2 weeks)

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    What if I told you I had 50 friends and family members willing to help jumpstart your account. 25 wants the $5 paypal gift and the rest want the free product, assuming shipping is free. We'll try the product and write our own reviews though.

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