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New scrapper with large possibilities

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    New scrapper with large possibilities

    Hi all, i am new to scrapping and would like to chat a little about what to save, what to take apart, and what to take whole. My family owns a trucking company so not only do i have drivers throwing lawn mowers, appliances, and other random things on our pile. I also have a never ending supply of heavy duty truck parts. I also have a very large amount of e-scrap and high voltage components at my disposal. I love to break things apart and if i don't do something with it all then it gets picked up with a loader and all dropped into a recycling dumpster

    I am wondering if there are private refiners here who could lend me a hand with information about hard drives, circuit boards, and other precious metal.

    I would also like some advice on the best way to break up different scrap items from engines, small motors, ect

    Thank you all i look forward to all your replies. Feel free to pm me


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    I suggest you visit a local scrapyard(s) and tell them basically what you stated in your post. Ask to see and /or hear how they classify their goods. With an account, you would probably get better pricing. You’ll see firsthand how metals are classified. Here we classify as sheet iron, short steel, shearing steel, cast iron, and drums/rotors. Non ferrous is another animal as well as ewaste.

    After grasping the above,decide how much time and expense are involved to breakdown ( or not breakdown)your goods for maximum profit. Only you and experience can decide this. Time vs. money.

    There are many ewaste buyers on this forum. Any in your area. Refining is on other forums.

    Breaking things down.......only you can decide. What works for some may not for others.

    Read old posts. Visit a scrapyard.

    In my opinion, learning who buys what and why, made differences in how I process my scrap. Sometimes quick and dirty is good.

    Happy scrapping. Sounds like you have an opportunity many here would like.

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    Welcome and seriously great advice from btkr. 73, Mike
    "Profit begins when you buy NOT when you sell." {quote passed down to me from a wise man}

    Now go beat the copper out of something, Miked

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    Plenty of people will help.

    Search box will show you the way to all those people an threads on just that very subject. The you can come back an be a bit more specific. Plenty of info on here about electronic waste. I assure you most of the knowledge not in regards to pricing is likely still useful an helpful.

    Then again...I could just be lying.

    Sirscrapalot - Knowledge is power, so don't expect it to be handed out all willy nilly. - Some ancient wise man I'm sure.
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    Where you're new to it all ... i would suggest going to the thing that catches your interest. Some guys like steel. Others prefer non ferrous and some are more into ewaste.

    The best teacher is experience.

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