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Hot Water Heaters

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    Hot Water Heaters

    I broke down my first two hot water heaters today. My scrap yard said they paid $9.?? per hundred pounds?? So I let my curiosity win. One tank, possibly the older was wrapped with fiberglass on the inside so it went really well. The other was spray foamed...that one sucked. Should I just take the price cut and forget about breaking the tanks down? Also cut a pressure tank in half. My scrap yard said they didn't take any containers/tanks that weren't opened and I didn't know if that counted or not. Any thoughts or helpful hints?

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    I don't break down any of my water heaters. I yank off the brass and the gas valve and sell the rest as tin. I sell my expansion tanks and pressure tanks whole also. I think the yards are only concerned about tanks that are under extreme pressure, propane tanks,gas bttles air tanks etc.

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