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power supply cords

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    power supply cords

    Talking in general about ewaste to my son yesterday and he says dad don't cut the ends off the power supply cords. I said "why not". He said I think I can sell them to the companies that rent ariel lifts and other equipment for several dollars apiece as he says they use an identical power supply cords and that they sell for $7 to $8 dollars apiece new.

    He was service manager and did repairs on this type of equipment for many years. Have't tried this yet but will be saving the cords. If anyone tries this and is successful it would be good to post as that could put a little more on the bottom line. Just sayin.

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    these can be baught on ebay all day long for under $2 each.

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    I end up with lots of the regular computer powere cords. I do set them aside and usually give them away to my computer people because they are always running short.

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    are you talking about regular ends or certain types?
    isn't that made of aluminum?
    I been ripping out the metal connectors and putting in the unknown pile for later.
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    Ryan said.
    She also noted that she had gone to the local Family Dollar store and there was only one shopping cart. I asked the manager and she told me they had 20 but 19 had been taken. The carts were made of metal.

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