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    Disposing of general household e-waste -- anything of value here?


    I'm wondering and looking for some opinions on if there's anything in this list/pictures of e-waste that really has any decent value. I'm not sure if this is the right forum section or if this thread is better off in the e-waste grading/ID forum as it isn't really a singular or specific piece of e-waste that needs ID'ing.

    I have taken the 15 or so years of e-waste that was "hoarded"/collected from our household and roughly sorted it into different piles. I have also taken some pictures and made a list to make it easier for whomever reads this and for whichever scrapyard ends up accepting it. I'm taking the scrap there myself and already have it loaded up in a vehicle
    The majority of the PC components (RAM/PSU/CPU/MOBO) are not from this decade but it's possible something worth a bit more slipped into the pile. I've read that 2GB+ memory sticks are worth more so I'll pull those out. Not sure if any of the CPUs have any real scrap value as they're Pentium III or older. Are PCI cards worth pulling out too? Peripherals seem to be just worthless e-waste so hopefully the plastic and electronics will be kept out of landfills. I also don't mind cracking open a few of the larger items (routers, scanner, the printer switch, etc) and extracting the circuit board.

    If there's anything in here that's absolutely worth keeping aside to properly break apart and sell seperately please let me know!

    Here's what I have so far -- you can take a look at a picture of some of the stuff at this imgur album:
    Car Music Console
    CRT Monitor, CRT TV
    LCD/LED TV, LCD monitor
    6 home telephones
    2 stereo cassette player modules

    13 mice
    9 CD DVD drives + 1 DVD-RW
    8 floppy drives
    6 keyboards
    6 or 7 HDDs

    21 sticks of RAM (unsorted)
    2 satellite receiver units
    9 computer power supplies
    4 routers
    Assorted older CPUs
    6 older motherboards
    Assorted random peripheral/parts
    Assorted circuit boards / PCI cards

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    Looks like your on your way.....not worth a whole lot what u have there but seems to be a good start

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    Car Music Console = I am not sure about this
    CRT Monitor, CRT TV = worthless. You can snip the cords off and get like $0.40/lb for insulated copper wire. You can take apart and take out the inner boards and copper, but then you still have to find somewhere to get rid of the tubes and plastic which is a hard thing to find. I steer clear of these like the plague.
    LCD/LED TV, LCD monitor = If they work you might be able to get a local buyer on craigslist or facebook for $5-10/each if they are kinda newish, more if they are super new. Pretty much worthless if they are older than a few years old
    6 home telephones = These have mid grade boards in, but you gotta take them apart and get them, have a buyer for mid grade boards, and then dispose of the plastic bits. In current condition, they are not worth much of anything as is
    2 stereo cassette player modules = Might have some boards in it, same as the phones
    13 mice = not worth much
    9 CD DVD drives + 1 DVD-RW = scrap value of like 15 cents per drive as is, the boards are worth a good bit more if you take them apart. like $3.75/lb
    8 floppy drives

    6 keyboards = not worth much, maybe $0.05/lb
    6 or 7 HDDs = if they are >1TB, and you know they work, $8+ per drive to buyers on here. but if they are older or lower capacity, the boards are worth $9/lb, or the drives as is complete, like $0.20/lb
    Scanner = not worth much

    21 sticks of RAM (unsorted)
    2 satellite receiver units
    9 computer power supplies
    4 routers
    Assorted older CPUs = if its really old, there might be some valuables in here
    6 older motherboards
    Assorted random peripheral/parts
    Assorted circuit boards / PCI cards ....

    Not going to keep typing stuff out, you can do some research on the forum, but you get the idea. What you have is not worth a whole lot. If I saw this listed on craigslist, exactly what you had, I probably would not pay more than $25 for everything you listed, if you were not to far of a drive away. if you were any amount of distance away I would just pass all-together. You have a few things but not really much in terms of quantity people on here are usually dealing with.

    If you are interested in this, keep researching and looking around. There is some value there to be had, but not much, and probably not worth your time if this is a one time clean out and you are just trying to get rid of it. If that is the case Id put it up on craigslist and say "make offer" and see what people offer. I would assume $20-50 maybe.
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    Ewaste is really more about accumulating small amounts. Nickels,dimes and quarters ... that kind of thing. Go through enough material and it hopefully adds up to a little something.

    Just a quickie survey of the pictures:

    There are a couple of bubble backs there. Negative value.

    A few sticks of RAM. Probably .20 - .25 ea for the full size ones.

    Printers, generally little value. Lots of plastic to get rid of. Mostly not worth scrapping.

    Stereos & stuff. Maybe a green board / maybe not. Maybe a little bit of copper & aluminum if the units feel heavy.

    Phones, probably not much. Some business phones have a good green board. Consumer grade more likely to have a cheapo brown board. Maybe an IC chip or two.

    Pentium 3 slot processor about 1.25 $ once the plastic and aluminum heatsink have been removed.

    Pentium 3 motherboard roughly 3.50 - 4.00 $

    Power supplies about .20 cents a pound if you have a buyer.

    Misc. brown boards 5 cents a pound if you have a buyer.

    Flat screen tv's & monitors. A green board or two. Mostly, a lot of plastic waste to get rid of.

    Low grade computer wire about 5 cents a pound in this area.

    Average finger card about 70 cents

    Average CD/DVD board about 35 cents


    Prices are just generalities to give you a rough idea of range. These are harvested prices. You still have to do all of the work of collecting the material, breaking it down, disposing of the waste, sorting the harvested boards for shipping, packing them up and so on.

    And then there are shipping costs. Maybe figure 80 cents a pound on small loads. You can probably get that down to about 20 cents a pound by shipping by 1,000 pound pallet loads ?

    It's just to give you a general sense of things.

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    what hills said above

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