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Cash in the trash; PS3 games for days.

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    Cash in the trash; PS3 games for days.

    Not a scrap metal post, more of a quick and easy scenario for a comeup. Tried out a new method to score tonight. Dumpster diving at the local gamestop. Had the thought and ended up doing research, come to find out others are doing the same and finding promo gear, games, consoles, controllers, etc. All can be resold or traded into another store for profit. Broken controllers or consoles can be scraped or sold for parts. Seems to be a great weekend method for extra money.

    Same rules apply to cell phone stores as well and when i get more familiar with diving ill be trying these out as well since theyre in another part of town.

    Scooped one bag tonight to sample the goods and made out decent on PS3 games, same 5 games but about 10 of each disk. Easy to do a 5 for 10 bundle for resale or trade back into another gamestop for trade-in cards. Alot of promo gear was left behind, i dont want to get into this quite yet. The location i went to shares a dumpster with a subway and many will as well. I took note of which bags belong to gamestop and vice versa.

    Still have alot of patterns to look into and more trial and error to go before this becomes a weekly thing. Legality and employee intervention are my main standstills

    Things I keep in mind with dumpster diving; a quick walkthrough.

    -no loiter/trespass signs and fences, follows scrap rules, dont touch with a 10ft pole
    -time and place, i prefer 8-11pm or 5-6:30am not too sketchy in eyes of bystanders compared to 12-4 am or business hours. Less chance of conflict.
    -enviroment, consider nearby stores and bystanders. Hobo territory. Bad part of town. Never isnt worth being stabbed or arrested.
    -hazards, gloves and long sleeves ftw. Sharp edges, nails, syringes. Always consider safety.
    -stay sly and clean. Be fast and try not to spill contents. This will make a major difference in employee intervention.

    Happy scraping and salvaging!

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