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Routers and Modems...what to do with them

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    Routers and Modems...what to do with them

    I've got tubs and tubs of home internet routers and modems...all brands, all internet varieties, and all speeds.

    If you were to set a cutoff of where one would reasonably, ie make $10 or more on ebay, start keeping them, what speeds, categories, etc would you draw the line at?

    Is it worth tearing them down for boards or just sell them whole for scrap?

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    You would have to look at ebay sold listings and be willing to test them to determine if there is any resale value. Scrapping them by removing the boards is super quick and easy for some decent boards.

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    easy answer...if it is NOT a N (and those are somewhat old at this point) or an AC, then scrap it. The ONLY caveat to this is if you have say a CISCO router or possibly a couple of other server grade routers. Glance at used N router prices...they have got to be pretty low these days. AC routers are current an have resale value. CISCO routers most certainly do IF it is a working unit (as does other server grade ones). Otherwise, bust open and pull board...those go for a fairly high grade.

    Good luck!
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    I just box and sell them whole. There are a couple buyers, here, who buy them in the case. I have dismantled a few but it seems like if you are doing this on your own, like me, and you have hundreds, it could also work to just put them in a gaylord and move on to something with a better return for the amount of work involved in tearing them apart.

    I almost never see the AC routers or CISCO equipment but ours is mostly a collection from residential. If you have been getting stuff from office cleanouts and businesses, the odds are better that you have higher-end, newer stuff.

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    I no longer have luck listing N routers or cards. I now only retain AC or N300 and above. Don't expect to make much though, I sold a used netgear R7000 for 32 dollars and they are on the shelf at walmart for a hundred still. Couple that with 12 dollars in ate up shipping it starts to not be worth it unless you have time dedication to listing them one after another.

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