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Prices and fees, low grade and crt's

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    Prices and fees, low grade and crt's

    This post could be broken down into a couple different boards, so I figured I'd post it in the general electronics section. If you've read any of my other posts lately, you know I'm in process of a business startup. In doing so, I've been doing a ton of research. Both here and elsewhere. I emailed a couple processors in my area to find out, mainly, cost of properly disposing of crt tubes once I grab the goodies as I feel bad bringing the stripped units to best buy now that I'm no longer just a resident. I've contacted 3 different big processors in the general Chicagoland area. 2 are no answer so far. 1 called me back and spent a good 45 minutes taking the time to answer many of my questions and providing some info I didn't think to ask. Even, asked about my business, and showed concern for my success and wellbeing making sure I'm handling the tubes properly. Discharging, etc. It felt good to talk to a big business that showed some care about the little guy. Most bigger places I've talked to don't even wanna answer questions, let alone do busines with you unless you have tonnage. So that being said, I don't want to name the business specifically and give them free advertisement as I haven't done any face to face time yet, but I wanted to sum up what was discussed.

    My main talking points were the cost of crt glass disposal and low grade board pricing as these aren't cost effective to ship. They will take any quantity of tubes, whether whole, stripped, or bare for a fee. And lower than most of what I've read on here. Whole and stripped tvs cost .22/lb to drop. Which is higher than I've seen here. However, whole monitors are .08/lb and bare tubes are only .10/lb. Most of what I've read here is in the 10-15 cents per pound disposal. And a drive away. So not a huge savings. But they're local to me and say they cater to the little guy. On an even better note, their pricing paid on low grade boards as of today is 22 cents per pound. Way better than anywhere I've talked to in the last few weeks.

    So, like I said, I don't wanna advertise for these guys publicly or vouch for them since I haven't gone in with anything yet. But they're located in Plainfield il. If anyone is close enough that it helps them out, pm me and I'll give you the name. Or I'll post about my experience here if/when I get around to bringing in a load.

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    I would be ecstatic to find someone near me paying 22 cents per pound for low grade brown boards...
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    If I could get $.22 per lb on low grade I would be there daily till they cut the price. dropped 600lbs yesterday and still$.10lb

    as for crt and crt glass… if I drop my crt's whole to my local disposal dump its considered hazard waste and its $250.per ton. but we remove all steel and break the glass we can drop it for free in land fill.

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    if you really only deal with a few per week, best buy is your friend. They will take them for 2-3 a day or something....I never had a problem at mine. Oh and ALL of mine were stripped of everything except the tube and glass of course. I just put the housing back on and screw it back in. They never have even blinked.

    They have a large scale recycling deal with Dell and some others. It was a government thing to keep them from having to pony up a bunch of $$$$ to take care of their "waste". they also take CRT monitors. Oh and Goodwill takes CRT monitors (NOT TV's). I personally only take them IF I am taking a bunch of other items and I still do not take them in bulk at all. Too much a PITA for what I get out of them. Plus TV are heavy as SH%# (anything over 27") no thanks LOL
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