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after thoughts

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    after thoughts

    in these tough times in the recycling world every dollar we save is a $ earned.

    one of the problems we often run into is either stripping a small screw head or a2$ TORX bit.
    I have found over the years to #1 check to make sure your elct screw driver or drill is turning in the proper direction and once the bit is properly set in the screw head give it a sliught twist with the handle of the drill this could sae you an hour working on a stripped screw or stripping the 2$ #6 bit mcw
    "anyone who thinks scrappin is easy money ain't doin it right!"

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    Buying the hardened impact bits is the way to go. I have used my set for a year now. one of my favorites - PH1 and PH2 on one bit. The ph1 works on most laptop screws.

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    Has anyone used the 'Screw extractor' sort?
    It sorta looks like a left hand screw with a 'bite in' chisel end on it like a drill bit has.

    I know its for extracting stripped screws but since it does not matter what the screws are going to look like afterwards anyway...

    I think it would just be a 'stab and unscrew" sorta action to use it. But some ideas don't always work as planned. If it needs a lot of muscle to bite the bit into the screw, its just as much effort to use the proper screwbit in the first place.

    To undo screws with stripped heads. I took a drill bit, 1/8th die, with a 6mm hex base for the battery drill adaptor, I broke the drill by accident.
    So I reverse ground the drill tip, just the same included angle across the top. But grinding it so that in theory it should drill the hole in reverse direction.
    Anyway, I push the bit in hard into the screw head, so it bites in and then unscrews the stripped screw when I hit the 'go' button on the battery drill.
    Its got me out of a few messes.

    But its easier to make sure the screw bits seated first...... I love the square drive screws and even a good size Torx screws better than a phillipspozidrive.

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