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large electronic device

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    large electronic device

    My buddy got a large blue box 4x3x3 from a hospital... it had a large transformer in it... we seperated most of it but there are several pounds of pieces that are silver or silver coated copper... is anyone familiar with these boxes? Ill try to get a pic of it... should we throw the silver coated copper in with the other coated copper? When we peel off the paper coating the copper on the transformer would it be bare bright or #1? doesn't seem to have much varnish if any on it... it looks like clean copper... maybe a light coating of clear varnish? We are not sure... our local yard will give us #2 usually no matter how clean the copper is so we may take it somewhere else... its not a computer in the traditional sense but has several pounds of circuit boards we also plan on scrapping but we have no idea what they are worth or classified as since we both have only scrapped metal... I'm sorry its a lot of questions but he just lost his job so we really want to make as muchas possible on this... thanks

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    Not going to get rich off of one piece. It takes more volume.
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    Post a picture if you can .

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