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    Your #8 photo, I've found a couple of those but not more than three over the years. I think one intact with a ceramic cpu but all are long gone by now. 73, Mike

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    Now go beat the copper out of something, Miked

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    jimicrk started this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeinreco View Post
    looks like you owe neighbor a case of beer or coke or whatever he/she drinks....LOL
    We're probably about even now. We do a lot of trading. A few months ago I gave him a server and a battery backup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimicrk View Post
    My neighbor who used to scrap has been cleaning out his garage again and had a few boxes for me. I just got through sorting them and wanted to post some pics.

    Pic 1 is 5.25 lbs of gold ram
    Pic 2 is 4.25 lbs of hard drive boards
    Pic 3 is 4.90 lbs of laptop boards
    Pic 4 is 3 small socket mother boards
    Pic 5 is 1 large socket mother board
    Pic 6 is 4.75 lbs of gold finger boards
    Pic 7 is a hand full of processors
    Pic 8 I've never found one of these but it looks like a slot processor with a large socket minus the ceramic processor.
    Pic. 8 is what they call a Slocket. I have a post up on my business Facebook page with 2 of them. I know they made one for a Pentium Pro.
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    I've only ever found 1 Slocket during my e-waste career. What a neat find when you pull away the plastic housing!
    I'm so into scrapping.. When my Steel Toe Boots Wear out, I cut the Steel out of them and recycle the Toe!

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