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Flat panel tv buyers

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    Flat panel tv buyers

    I come across many flat panel TV's (LED, LCD, Plasma) and have a buyer for any that are nonworking, as long as they have no damage to the screen. My delima is, what to do with busted screen tv's. Break them down? Sure, I can do that, but wonder if there is a buyer in the Northern Michigan area that would be more interested. I figure I will start here and then venture out to some of the repair shops as well. I suppose I could just part them out on eBay, but I'd rather keep them whole if that were an option.

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    The inverter boards can bring a good price like $8-$10 per pound. Let me know if you have any to spare. The rest of it is medium and low grade boards and copper wire. I pay $1 each for large lcds and 50 cents each for monitor size or smaller, when local scrappers bring them by. Pay 50 cents for crt monitors.

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