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    Selling various Computer parts

    Hi! i am an ebay seller, i currently own over 60 computer parts that work, i sell those at regolar price not scrap price, so who cares about that, i currently have a pile of wire cut in roughly 6 inch pieces, of various sizes, i have lots of heavy duty coax, appliance plugs, and even headphones plugs, i have various ammounts which im looking to sell for as much as i can get, once i know what its worth (and by the 30th, since im leaving tommarow and wont be back until the 27th for a trip) i will make the listing on ebay for someone ot buy it, i also have various plug pieces including 3.5MM plugs, usb plugs, US outlet plugs, pc plugs and coax plugs. are they worth anything? or is it just trash?
    i will make updates if i get more parts to sell at scrap price

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    When I have extra time on my hands I remove the brass prongs from appliance/extension cord plugs. Some coax plugs are brass. There is a buyer on the forum that pay's 80 cents a pound for plugs that contain gold pins but I am not sure if they buy USB plugs of just plugs from monitor cables and ribbon wire.

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