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eBay Valet?

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    eBay Valet?

    Hey, everyone.

    Have people here used eBay's Valet service? Any comments? I was giving it some thought, as I wondered if sending it to them instead of a buyer sort of insulates me from some claims. I mostly ship "as-is" stuff because the few times I have sent working items, somehow they always end up not working once they reach their destination.


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    I've see and read their promotion of the ebay valet but won't be using it. The products I sell are all used and most are low cost so cant support more costs added on.

    Nearly every thing I sell is used and comes with a 30 day warranty. I do get returns but its a small percentage and most of my items are not worth the cost of me shipping them back to me even if they are still good.

    I have to admit I am curious as to what you've sold as working and arrived not working and the percentages. You are under no obligation to share such details with me and the entire forum. Frankly I don't share much of what I do and certainly not in a public forum. 73, Mike
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