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Ever seen an 8 door limo?

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    Ever seen an 8 door limo?

    Recently picked up this 1968 Checker Aerobus at a farm auction. Yeah, I know, not where one would think to find one of these. Did some research prior. Figured if it could be bought right, I could make a few dollars. Last day of auction arrives...I'm watching the clock. Bids are coming in fast and furious. I put a max in. Finally got outbid. Was just going to walk away, but I figured why not? Put one more bid in, and got it. Got it ready for resell and put it on ebay.

    In the mean time I drive it around every few days for "exposure" as I have for sale signs on it. Or maybe I just want to drive it! I put it through the local parade a few weeks ago. People LOVED it! Too bad I didn't have more forethought. As it was I entered on the last day for entry deadlines. If only I could have filled it with pretty girls.

    I get comments nearly every time I take it out. People honking and waving. Pulling up to ask about it while I get gas. Cute girl in the drive thru falling all over herself oohing, ahhing and talking about it. People snapping pics at the stop light.

    Had it up for auction a few weeks ago. $17,500 or offers. 6 offers came in. Top was $11,500. Decent, but I am trying to get an 8x20 dump trailer, so I would like to get a bit more $ to do that. If I can get 12 to 14, I can dig up the rest for a trailer. I figure the $11,500 guy would be in the neighborhood of 14 or so by the time he transports it to Boston.

    Was hoping someone local would buy it, but I haven't had much interest. Just that people think it's cool. I showed it to FreonJoe and TheHoss. They both seem to really like it.

    If I can get pics to attach you'll see my SIL, niece, another niece, and my mom.

    Magnets to hold my number of course!

    Current auction
    Other Makes Aerobus | eBay
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    These extended taxis are based on the Checker Marathon, a car that was cheap to make but overbuilt in just about every respect. From 1960 to 1982, major North American cities had swarms of Marathon taxis on their roads, ferrying fares around.

    Checker Is Trying To Resurrect The Ultimate Classic Limo - Petrolicious

    To old to qualify for Uber, perhaps market it towards people who specialise on movie props.

    This model Checker came in a six door model also, your eight door is rare. No production numbers given.
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    Cool old beast!!

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    Actually you can use specialty cars with uber. The requirements are seatbelts and insurance and I'm not sure but you may have to be inspected as well with a nonstandard vehicle Oh and I think 4 doors as well? There is a guy in Madison with a slick Model A ratrod he uses for uber on Saturday nights. You do have to actually call them...give them vehicle same insurance info, etc.
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    Nice. I am curious what you paid for it. If you don't want to say, I understand, but you have whet my interest in auctions.

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