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    Everything Ebay - General Ebay Discussions - Copper head

    I am not sure how to get into the Ebay section
    so I just named it such

    I've talked about Copper rounds as possibly a decent future investment might be 10 20 years out.
    my first hunch is that wile copper might not actually be in shortage ( if not ever )
    but when it is harder to find (on the street ) Value will go up . The good old days are stll sorta here .
    I feel tv's are a good indication . Lets get real there is a nice copper content in those 90's 2000's models
    pre 90's no need to talk about and if you have dismantled TV's you know why .

    The last of the year 2000's models I see often I hit MORE AL degaussing but even some old models had a few AL Degaussing in a white tubular
    For copper searching in Flat TV's is like pulling teeth . Copper in homes , new home NOT - new repair work PEX . Any honest plumber will tell you
    in truth they like PEX cause of ease of installation it's a fine money maker for time on the job .

    Now back to ebay There are still sellers with Copper Pipe up for bid . & no doubt there will be a run on Ebay when some shows up.
    BUT compared to 4 years ago I see the trend that finally I see is true Way Less copper Pipe up for bid on Ebay .

    Copper wire still seems abundant so I'm not sure of the full trend for wire . I see more AL wire use in the utility company's but not sure if that plays a role with copper wire bid offers on ebay And there is still plenty of copper wire out there in homes and appliances .
    Wile I am not going any deeper in the AL change over from CU

    I feel less Copper pipe on Ebay is a sign,
    it my take 10 - 20 - or more years but the ultimate value of copper I feel will become the unknown wonder like silver and gold . The unknown force that controls silver and gold have there eyes on copper .
    It's use and availability in the public sector will be the deciding reality

    I can see IT now scrappers in the year 2034 working on the little transformers we look at with the decision Bust apart ? or Copper Bearing ,
    For them it will be copper & they will be thankful.
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    Seems like simple Supply and Demand logic at work

    Not seeing much about eBay

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    Moved it for you.
    People may laugh at me, but that's ok. I laugh all the way to the bank.

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