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Please grade/value these boards :o)

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    Please grade/value these boards :o)

    Hi folks. These came out of a 25-30 year old system. I have a few questions regarding them. In the first photo, these are memory boards. One is designed as "memory" and the other as "memory/CPU". I wouldn't really expect them to be valued the same way as modern RAM, but we can hope. The real question is....if these chips are memory modules, would they be worth as much as fingerless RAM (one buyer is paying $6.75/lb right now)? Would they be purchased as telecom if the gold finger is removed? These seem to have more value visible then common finger cards, and I would be hesitant to sell them as such.

    This one is very similar to the two above, and is designated I/O

    Last are two similar cards to the ones above, but look to be a little less material dense. They do have a few rows of gold pins, however.

    So, pro's and buyers, how would you grade these and what would you pay? Combined mass of the boards in the first image is 1 lb 5 oz, the second pic is 12 oz, and the final two are 1 lb together. Total mass for the five is 3lbs 1oz.

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    For something that old, I would look at the vintage computer buyers before scrapping them. Do you know if they are working or not?

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    This may be very wrong - but it seems to me that someone on here said that telecom boards had lots of chips on them and not a lot else. Is that correct?
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    They are worth around $6.50 to $7.00 a pound.....but it looks like you pulled alot of the chips. The last photo is just server board at 4.5
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