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Help can not find any information

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    Help can not find any information

    I have a Packard bell legend 1155 i am unable to find and info about it can anyone help. I don't know if i should resell or scrap for gold.

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    I did a google check and there are several entries so give that another try. On ebay under that model as a search there were none but other similar models did show up so its possible it could sell.

    I would hold on to it as it is for now. Read lots of the old threads here on the forum have to do with ewaste. I scrap computers and sell used computer parts and that's what I did to help educate myself. Once you have you will be prepared to determine what direction is best for you.

    If you can fire it up and include photos of it working then ebay would likely be your best bet. There are also vintage computer forums that could teach you more about your computer. 73, Mike

    PS the amount of gold in one old computer is very little. So take some time to read the buyers threads and just keep learning. Mike
    "Profit begins when you buy NOT when you sell." {quote passed down to me from a wise man}

    Now go beat the copper out of something, Miked

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    Hi there! I'd start with the electronics recycling section and do some reading about scrapping towers. That model has a modest resale value judging by ebay but resale is always a higher value than scrap if it is sellable. But spend some time reading up on scrapping pcs. It'll be worth your time and then some.

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