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Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitor Pictures

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    Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitor Pictures

    I put together an image for my "pickers" to reference on how to locate tantalum surface mount capacitors. I thought I might share it for those of you still interested in the subject. I have it here as a PDF, but if you want a much cleaner copy, PM me and I will send you the original DOC file. (Or RTF if you don't have Word.)

    Some are nearly microscopic, especially to old eyes, but if you can see them, you can separate them. It all depends on how much "entertainment" you can stand.

    This is a compilation of various small, surface mount capacitors containing the rare earth element of Tantalum.

    I found it does not take a lot of these to make a pound.

    If you have anything to add to the picture and you know it is a tantalum surface mount capacitor, please PM me and I will add it to the image. This image covers only ceramic, surface mount capacitors found on modern circuit boards. There are other types of tantalum capacitors, such as wet and through hole, etc. I will combine another image for those and add it to this location.

    Tech Jeff
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    TechJeff - I believe on the first page of the document, the bottom picture shows monolithic ceramic capacitors, and possibly the middle right picture. These do not have tantalum, but possibly silver and palladium.

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    I believe Ryan is correct...the rectangular brown/silver boxes are MLCC' tantalum, but silver and platinum/palladium. They also are a far different pricepoint per pound.
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    Both are correct. Of the ones with "silver" capped ends only the red ones contain Tantalum.

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