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    Cool ~ Pool Heaters

    So recently a few buddies and myself were cruising around the local country roads when we happened to stumble upon this box looking thing on the side of the road that was obviously metal. I got slightly excited as we drove closer thinking that I could possibly make a few bucks off of whatever it was.

    We load it into the truck and I take it home, it was badly damaged and rusted in some areas and there was no visible markings for me to quickly identify it as a pool heater but as I began to unscrew the thing and take a look inside my heart skipped a beat.

    Inside were about 8 #1 copper tubes with disc looking copper plating surrounding the tubes, It was a propane heater so there were brass valves as well. The body of the Heater was just some shredder but I was anxious to see how much the copper weighed and what it would net at the yard.

    Here is a quick picture of what the pool heater kind of looked like although ours was green.

    A few Days later I take it to the yard and ended up netting about 56$ for the #1 copper which was at about 3.50 / Pound

    $7 or $8 bucks for the shredder plus a few other random things I had which was going for $190/tn at my yard. The brass was not in enough quantity for me to bring it in so I left it in my brass pile at home.

    Overall, a pool heater brought in close to $70 total, a Great find!

    Keep your eyes open for any types of water heaters as they will most likely heat them by running the water through copper tubing. Good luck Scrappin

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    what a nice find, Vega....I'm glad you had your buddies along !!

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    Magnolia the spammer has been reported!

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    I found a few. Missed one by minutes. One had 20 lbs of brass manifolds and 20 lbs of copper.

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    The "Hayward" brand is a very good one for getting alot of copper from. I got one from a neighbors yard sale for $2 and pulled out a massive copper heat exchanger and about 10' of 2" diameter copper pipe. Lots of other goodies too but the amount of copper in it was amazing.

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    good job man
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