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AC radiators

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    AC radiators

    I got some ac rads today at work. I just took the rads off I would have took the fan motors to and the transformers on the fronts but I ran out of time boss was only there for a certain time then he had to do other jobs after work. Anyways I went to the trailer that had some centrals and A frames and 2 zee coils. I had to move other stuff out of the way fun fun. I had to walk to the back that's a long way in the cold haha. So I took a sawzall and impact and some bits and a socket set. Sawzall worked pretty good till the blade bent and I had to keep bending it back then guess what to my surprise it suddenly snapped off. It was a DeWalt blade. I have never had any of my blades snap like that I use diablo and Irwin from the advice of people on here and they are correct. Guess DeWalt blades are cheap ???. So I didn't get some of the copper next to the compressors cause I only have some side cutters and some wire cutters I didn't think the blade would snap off. So I'll have to count to see how many I got tommarow when I start. I did get 2 fan motors I have more central ac's then A frames this time. So the last part of my story I was exhausted and didn't have time to hand move all the rads out so I had to walk back and get the fork truck and empty a hopper and go back with it to get all my stuff. So I drove back fine then I stopped to fill the hopper up mind you I almost didn't have enough room in the hopper it was chocked full of rads then I went to move it and to my surprise I got stuck it sank a little I guess since it's grassy guess it was soft or maybe the weight of the hopper and I'm not sure 15 centrals and 10 A frames is a guesstimate if I'm close that will be the most I have ever had. The last time I had 7 A frames and 5 centrals. So had to get the boss and I said ur not gonna like it I got the fork truck stuck haha he said ok after I get the trailer done I'll get the big fork truck and a chain and pull you out first time I got stuck so the other truck is I'm not sure a couple tons?. It uses diesel so you know it can pull anything it's got huge tires also.

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    Thanks for the story Mike, I didn't know about the diablo and irwin blades and appreciate the tip. As a new scrapper I've been using my sawzall quite a bit lately and have bent a few of the mastercraft (canadian tire house brand) blades same issue. I like the precision of the sawzall compared to the angle grinder, so hopefully a blade upgrade will help me out. I wish I had more to contribute but I'm just learning right now as well as a new parent so lots going on. Seen your post and read it with my morning coffee and just wanted to say hi and appreciate your insight!
    Cheers from New Brunswick!

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    I can relate Mike.

    I got a Case 510 loader / backhoe mired a couple of weeks ago. It took me awhile to get myself out of that mess.

    The Diablo sawzall blades are okay but i definitely wouldn't recommend their 3/4" SDS drills for a hammer drill. Used one on concrete for the first time this morning. Brand new bit and it was all but worthless. They got the cutting head design all wrong.

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