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Need help with catalytic converter info.....

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    Need help with catalytic converter info.....

    So I think I may have come across a catalytic converter score....but the thing is here in my state our Governor signed into law that scrap dealers can only buy one at a time and they need to document everything.....I'm pretty sure I'll have access to two...maybe three of these things....

    Anyways.....anyone know of any info regarding laws about converters? Like a website or something? It'd be much next best bet is just calling around a few neighboring states and seeing what's what if that's the case.....

    You know if it's worth it and economical...

    Anyways, hope everyone is well and take it easy.

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    It's up to the individual state however where I am in Mesa Az new Arizona state laws along with Federal law revisions prohibit any private party from selling a cat converter even if it's off your own vehicle. Most states now have revised laws due to all the converter thefts. Only repair shops, scrap yards and wrecking yards in Arizona can legally possess handle and sell them. All OEM factory cat converter's have a number on them that identifies what they came off of and how much precious metal it contains. That number when researched will tell the going scrap price. They could be worth hundreds each depending on that days commodity trading. If you have some cat converter's sitting around either make ornaments out of them or toss them in with the shred. If you are considering purchasing some from a third party be cautious. They could be from your neighbor's cars. Most of all don't under estimate the outreach of the Fed's. The fines can be as high as $5K and 5 years in prison. That's per cat.

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