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Zabbaleen people in Egypt

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    Zabbaleen people in Egypt

    I recently watched a documentary about the Zabbaleen, the people who pick up and recycle trash in Cairo, Egypt. The whole neighborhood is living and breathing trash recycling and 90% of the receiving material is recycled.

    Each shop has its own niche and one of the guys was specialized in recycling (ABS?) plastic from tv sets, remote controls and monitors. He crushed it all to small pieces, then melted it to mold clothing hangers. He's definitely the guy we all look for. Just too bad he is located far away in the Middle East.

    Also, the most lucrative shop there was the guy who recycled aluminum. It seems that they don't have much aluminum from the traditional local supply, but his business has grown large enough to import scrap and resell ingots overseas. They're melting aluminum cans and pieces in a homemade oven. They use a shovel to load and then they pour it in ingots after the metal was strained. Not sure how they can strain molten aluminum, but they mention having no use for the recovered powder.

    NEW TO SCRAPPING? READ THIS: Build up your horde of magnetic and non-magnetic metals in two piles until you have a better understanding of the business. Read old threads about non-magnetic metals and ewaste (and how to sort them), but don't forget that they generally have absolutely no tolerance for contamination (screw / iron / foreign material). Magnetic material has low value and is mostly always steel / shred / short iron.

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    YouTube has many videos on this. I watched some and found them interesting and entertaining.

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