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Videos of bulky items collection

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    Videos of bulky items collection

    Is there something I don't understand? IHMO, it seems that most areas will be get more or less competition in the curb shopping department. I recently had a look to many garbage truck videos on Youtube and in several cases, it looks like no one "shopped" before the truck pick up the items. They don't seem to be filmed in gated community, military base or restricted area. Most videos I seen are from California urban areas where one would expect the presence of several pickers and scrap yards. I always heard California was heavy on the environment protection. Does they have some kind of anti-scrapper state regulation or strictly enforced municipal by-laws or what? I could expect that some random items can be left sitting on the curb such as broomsticks or paint cans, but it is strange that people there would not touch barbecues, water tanks, wires and lawn movers out there, while in other states, they almost fight for a weed eater or a hubcap.


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    2 municipalitys in my area have no savaging laws so that could be the case.

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    There’s no such thing as curbco where I live. You are responsible for getting rid of grills, mowers and any junk. The city provides 2 big bins. One for garbage and 1 for cardboard and plastic. Number 1 and 2 plastic only. They will also pick up tree limbs but the rest is up to the homeowner.

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    Not all cities and not every part of all cities are competitive for curbco. If I'm too beat from the heat after work to pick them up as is often the case during the summer, appliances in the alleys around my apartment can sit for over a week before someone gets them. And I live about 3/4 of a block away from a yard.

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