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These people have no pride...

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    These people have no pride...

    A news story I saw last night and I posted on one of my social media sites. The McCrossan's Boys Ranch is a residential place for young guys in trouble with the law and heading down the wrong path. Walt Schaefer was the long-time director of the place and I knew him from the church of my youth.

    How desperate of a scumbag do you have to be to steal catalytic converters from kids daycare vehicles? These exhaust devices contain small amounts of platinum and will bring money on the scrap metal market, with newer ones bringing higher prices than more used ones. At least these loser thieves had to work at it by crawling under the vehicles with a hacksaw and cutting the converter from the exhaust system. I think if the LEOs catch them, their sentence should be the Walt Schaefer's "School of Hard Rocks" used at McCrossan's Boys Ranch back in the day. Instead of sending a boy to juvie when they seriously broke the rules at McCrossan's, they were made to move heavy rocks from one pile to make another pile a distance away. At the end of the day. the fresh pile was disassembled and returned to the original spot. Boys generally didn't have to do this exercise more than once to get the point. For the daycare vehicle vandals doing the "rocks", especially on a cold, windy day, might be a good wake up call to their pathetic life choices...

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    As a Cal Farley's Boys Ranch grad, this really pi$$es me off.
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