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It's been a heck of a past few days

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    It's been a heck of a past few days

    Hey everyone! Hope things are good. The last few days have not very good so I need to rant about it.

    Yesterday I came into my warehouse and found that the power was turned off. Rent is paid and everything is current. Apparently the power company had a misunderstanding and turned off the power in the wrong unit. Well that's great and all, when are you coming to fix your little "mistake"?

    I have outside lights that are on during the night to ensure that my bin has a smaller chance of being vandalized. Imagine my surprise when I pull into the warehouse this morning and find that someone decided to kick the crap out of my drop off bin sometime in the night. I also found heroin needles littered in my drop off bins. I'm pretty sure if my lights were on this wouldn't have happened.

    What I find funny is that even though the doors took one heck of beating the cheap plastic door handles and lock stayed intact!

    Day 2 and still no power

    Needless to say it's been a frustrating few days
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    Sorry to hear. I guess even a security system wouldn't help with no electricity.

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    All good worthwhile experiences. "Rough seas make good sailors."

    My first two years I didn't have a gas bill... couldn't afford it!

    Times were tough, but they got easier... not necessarily simpler. Extract the value from the experiences and push on!
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    don't know your whole situation but if it doesn't get fixed soon maybe get a battery light temporarily or something. maybe one from like the lowes/home depot. maybe run a car battery up to a tractor work light or something if you think its worth it. Milwaukee i know has some pretty decent battery powered lights that might do the job. then you also got one later if you decide to work under your car or in the dark somewhere. I run all my tools on generators as well even though i have power its pretty sketchy power. so if you need power to get work done do what you can off a genny till they get you back up and going again.
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    You can pick up a cheap tractor LED somewhere and run power to it for lights, but that doesn’t change the fact that the power company royally screwed up. I’d look into mounting some dummy security cameras if you can’t afford or make a “real” system work there. A little deterrent can go a long ways

    I feel you with the lack of heat, Mario. My shop has pretty much nothing in it. Maybe I can splurge and get one of those torpedo heaters this winter....
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    Maybe turn in a damage report to the power company in addition to the other ideas. Our internet provider just provided two months free service for their screw up, leaving ruts in the yard with a trencher. They did not offer until a complaint was filed. A point to be made is that they do not wait a day to cut power, why should you wait two days for them to return your power.
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