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what comes around goes around

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    what comes around goes around

    Last spring I picked up an "infrared" grill (while recycling) that I really like to cook with, no flare ups, perfect temp regulation and perfect grill marks. Moisture is retained and steaks come out like steakhouse steaks - better in fact. So the 6 burner perfectly functional stainless grill (bigger than the one I now use) that I bought new a few years ago before I started recycling has just been sitting there. I just couldn't get myself to recycle it.

    A week ago or so, my new neighbor had 2 stoves sitting next to his driveway long story short we talked, he didn't know what to do with them, he let me take them and I recycled them.

    I've noticed that like me, he is addicted to cooking outside but he uses a charcoal grill - yeah I know it tastes better that way and I have one too but it's a hassle. Yesterday I decide to ask my neighbor if he wants a pretty nice 6 burner stainless grill with a 1/4-1/3 full propane tank included, my old grill I bought new. He wanted it.

    Probably like most of you, I get propane tanks every 3rd or 4th time I pickup a grill sometimes with propane still in them - yes I still pickup grills for that very reason and also in case they have cast aluminum, and I sometimes clean the brass off cause' ferrous is so low etc...

    I almost always have 2 tanks with propane in them on hand but was willing to give one up so he could use it right away if he wanted to, and so he wouldn't have to buy a new tank, just pay for an exchange when it runs out. That was yesterday.

    This morning I habitually look at CL and see an ad "a full propane tank included if you take away the grill" - the ad was 9 minutes old when I responded. 15 miles away (worth it for a full tank of propane - $20 exchange around here). I responded via text as they requested, even though the ad included the address. I got it and the tank was full as was stated in the ad.

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    At yard sales, many times I can buy a propane tank for $1-$3 (the=at is my cap price) and I post on marketplace and craigslist for $10. They never last very long. Many times, there is still some propane in the tank that can be used before the sale of the tank. Sometimes there is enough to sell as a partially full or full tank. This is a little tricky because the average person has no idea how to tell if the tank is full or not. The way this can be shown to someone is to weigh the tank and get the weight, subtract the tank weight that is marked on the tank and you will have the weight of the liquid propane inside. The tank is full with 20#.

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    Here is my what comes around goes around story. After my father in law passed away we had several yard sales two at his house and one at ours with all his stuff. We sold 2 pool lounge chairs to a neighbor of mine for $50 this was 5 years ago, months ago bulk brush clean up and sure enough she puts out one of the chairs as it had sun rotted. So I took it. a couple of weeks ago she put out the other one. So sold them and then scrapped them!
    Better than the dump!

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