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Taking a trip to Zimbabwe

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    Taking a trip to Zimbabwe

    So my grandfather invited me on a trip to Africa. He needs a travel partner mainly to just remind him to take his meds and in case he has a medical issue.

    I know several buyers that ship CPUs to different African countries but none in Zimbabwe. Currency troubles, bread shortages and power blackouts might not make for a real great place to do business with. But like someone mentioned recently in a thread about scrap prices. If you can do business when things are bad you are poised to make good money when things pick up.

    Anyway over the next couple months I am going to be trying to reach out to potential buyers.

    I will have 2 free days in the capital city Harare. I really want to check out some scrap yards and hopefully meet with some CPU buyers.

    Local listings in Harare, core 2 duo, 2gb ram, 160gb HD for $70-110.
    4th gen i5 CPU 8gb ram $250-300.

    Going to have to get some shipping estimates.

    I would love to find a laptop buyer and take a suitcase full of them with me on my trip.

    Anyway...the safari part will be fun and seeing some local scrap yards will be a cool bonus.

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