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I <3 hoarders.

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    I <3 hoarders.

    Hello... no I'm not dead an yes it's the real me. Visit the quote thread if you'd like to, as I posted there to. Ha!

    Anyhoo....hoarders people it's not a typo for the ladies of the night. 😉

    Recently landed a clean out. Buddy's uncle passed, an it seems he was a bit of a hoarder. Of metal, hand tools, old metal things. One of my goodies is an Honda Shadow(motor is seized I'm told an is a project for someone.) I don't do bikes so...itll either become lawn art or sold to someone who enjoys such things. It will not be scrapped.

    There also 4 sheds filled with dryers, washers, and a couple of old gas furnaces...small size of a dryer.
    Tons of hand tools, drill bits, etc etc. An that's the stuff I've seen in a brief visit.

    Anyone knows what a project bike would go for do speak up. Same with older bits if there is any value there. I have no clue what to look for in regards to drill bits and their age or value outside the non-steel ones that have been posted about on here. Hate to send them to the yard.

    It's going to be a interesting job. I'll post some more info on the motorcycle soon.

    As always...

    Sirscrapalot - keeper of the traveling cooler

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    Good to see you back Sir S. !

    It's a niche market .... but there's definitely a market for used tools of all kinds. There's a place called Liberty Tool Company here in Maine that's hugely popular with the tourists. I was talking with the gent that owned it about twenty five years ago and he told me some of his stories. He used to travel all over NewEngland buying up entire workshops from tradesman that had either retired or passed on. He eventually expanded to three retail outlets as well as selling his high end tools in the Boston area. A real success story.

    I would imagine that he's long since dead but the company he founded still remains.

    Welcome to Liberty Tool!

    Maybe you could work a deal there ? Maybe there's something roughly equivalent down in your part of the world ?

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    Hoarding is fun business. Did you know that you can set up an IFTTT for websites like Craigslist or Backpage to find classified listings for free items and giveaways.

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    Enjoy the work, Sir Scrapsalot! Should keep you in beer money for a while...

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    Had some luck with scrap bikes on Craigslist here in LV. Kade a quick few hundred on some old Hondas

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