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4-6 truck loads of LEFTOVERS...???

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    4-6 truck loads of LEFTOVERS...???

    How many families does this person have operating out of their single residence rummage sale if they expect 4-6 truck loads of LEFTOVERS...?

    This a fairly famous "neighborhood" rummage in my metro. One of the first for the season. I haven't gone in years because its such a zoo and I really dislike the road layout in that side of the city. Sounds like the state is missing out on some decent sales tax with this operation!

    We have a very large Kingswood rummage sale every year, this year it runs April 24-27. I'm looking for somebody to haul away the things that I don't keep after the sale is done. I have done this for the past several years with the same person, but she can't do it this year. Here are the requirements, you don't need to respond if you can't meet any of these. Thank you.

    1) Pickup of goods will be from about 2:00pm Saturday, April 27 until dark.

    2) Expect to haul away 4-6 pickup loads of stuff, you won't be able to handle it with a single car. A trailer would be the best. There won't be anything larger than a bike or vacuum cleaner, most will be able to fit in boxes or tubs. We'll be able to supply a few boxes if you need them.

    3) You will need to load it yourself pretty much from curbside, as we will be tearing down rummage at that time. Your stuff will be sorted out before you arrive. Weather could force some changes to the schedule. We live about one mile west of Lowe's.

    4) You will need to pay me $50 to hold your spot. I can't afford to have a no-show when rummage is over, that's the only reason I do this.

    5) However, once the stuff is picked up, I will pay you $60.

    Everything you haul away will be priced, so it will be ready for another rummage, if that's what you do. Serious inquiries only please. Thank you.

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