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oops that wasnt supposed to happen.

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    Angry oops that wasnt supposed to happen.

    So I ben busy with the home remodel/repairs, kids, work. yadda yadda, had very few pickups in last few months but I have had a couple nice pickups to store and go through when time permitted.. Plus the stuff i had not had a chance to break down in a while. I busted my behind for a week and few days after regular job to make my Saturday load to the yard. I did about 450 in alum, led acid batts, shred tin metal, #1 prepaired, and 2 55 gal drums of insulated wire. got my cash and started to load the 55 gal plastic drums in the back of my pickup that was sitting on my 16ft trailer, tossed first drum in and it bounced off the tail gate, bounced forward, (not hard or rough mind you) and it hit the back glass of my truck.. SMASHH, CRASHHHH.... I said outloud to myself "" are you serious!!!!""" just got it fixed yesterday for 330 cash.. Note to self. gently put things in back truck or build a metal rack to cover back glass.. I was not a happy camper..

    BUT. I BUSTED MY BUTT FOR 4 HOURS AND MADE 400 ON EBAY. LOL.. I wish this forum was easier equiped to post pictures cause i dont have the time to take from phone, put on photobucket, find the link come back here and enter it..

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    It is a little slow to upload pics but we sure do appreciate it and love them as well

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    That's why I'm always cautious, this easily could have happened to me. Also why I want to get a back rack.

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    That's one of the things I did learn quickly about Scrapmetal.
    It's what I call my 'Dip****' theory.
    'Do It Properly, Saves Hassle In Time'.

    If I use a tool not ment for the job, it's going to break & I won't have that tool when I need it. AND, now I have to buy another one. And all I had to do was go a little bit out of my way to pick up the correct tool.

    A bench saw made for cutting edgings, will NOT cut thru plastic coated Aluminium cable ($90)
    Don't hide things in Aluminium containers that look like scrap metal ($500+)
    Always have a WOF ( Warrent of fitness) & registration current for vehicles ( potential $400)
    Double check the out nuts on a borrowed trailer ( or get blamed for breaking them) better still, have your own trailer & never lend it to anybody.

    Any setback has the potential to wipe out your profit immediately.
    Not getting onto scrap when you know it's there, & when you do, it's gone. You will NEVER get that scrap $$ back.
    Never involve anything "dodgy' in your work, that's people or practises.
    Don't rush, that's when accidents happen, the 5 minutes before you were going to stop is the most dangerous 5 minutes.
    Don't just wrench something thinking it's going to come loose or break off, it won't, it will slice you though.
    Think twice about anything electrical before you touch it
    & a charged capactor looks just like a discharged one, but there's a big difference between them.

    Learn it here on SMF before you learn from your ( & mine, lol ) mistakes

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