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Happenings at the yard

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    Happenings at the yard

    So I know the yard folks pretty well now - the 2 that I frequent. Last week while dropping off my non-FE at the little scale we see a newish BMW X5M roll by with stuff hanging out of the tail. After I left the scale turns out the guy with the M didn't want any $$ for what he had/didn't want to wait in line so he was just going to give it to the yard. One of the yard people walked to my truck while I was in line for the big scale and told me they wanted me to have it. So I threw it in the back of the truck - it was an SUV hood - not Aluminum but very heavy, and a seat frame with electric motors.

    Apparently at that same yard (different day) I arrived at the tail end of Denver PD showing up and towing a stolen Jeep Grand Cherokee that someone was trying to scrap. I missed a bunch of commotion. Brilliant crooks to try and sell a stolen vehicle to a scrapyard. LOL

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    never hurts to be on their good side

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