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Sometimes they put up a fight.

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    Sometimes they put up a fight.

    Yesterday morning I had nothing to do, but to wait for Steph, to get home from visiting her Dad in Atlanta. And then that changed.

    I got a call from a guy who had a lot of scrap metal from a house fire. There was no way I was wrestling it by myself, and Steph said she was in Greenville, SC, about an hour away. So I tole her we had a job, and waited for her. What she heard me say was, "Take your time and look around in a bunch of stores before you come home." Funny how women's ears work at times. She got here 3 hours later at 430.

    Heath wanted to stay with Emily, so we hooked the dump trailer up to Moby, and headed off.

    It was dark when we got there. We used my little pen light that I carry all the time to load stuff up.

    There was more than I could put in the trailer safely, so we had to leave a little. I sent the guy a message and told him there were a few pieces left.

    We came home, unhooked the dump trailer, and drove down to Tim's and got the big trailer. Steph got the spare tire out of his truck and we strapped it down to the trailer.

    The road to the house was horrible, I would say it was a goat part, but that would be an insult to goats. There were times I wondered if the truck was going to make it. Steph asked if anyone who lived back there drove a small car. I told her they did, but were stuck in a pothole and never got home.

    We got to the house and found the truck ( a Ford F250 extra cab) pointing the wrong way. (And somewhere we had lost the strap on the spare tire, not the tire, just the strap) So I backed the trailer through a narrow gate, and up to the back of the Ford, pulled the winch cable out and hooked it up. Then I locked the spool on the winch and Steph pulled me back to the end of the driveway. By this time it was pitch black. And to make matters more fun the mud was about 4 inches deep. And the truck had a flat tire. And the rear end was locking up. It did not want to come out.

    When we got the truck to the end of the driveway I put the winch cable on the front of the truck, and turned the wheels hard in the direction I wanted to go. Since it was pitch black I couldn't really see where the cable was running. It got into the ramp and sliced the synthetic cable in half. I needed a small knot to get it through the fairlead. SO I tied a square knot. It didn't hold. Then I had Steph unlock the spool so I could get a bit more cable to work on, and I tied a square knot and two overhand knots. They held, but in our frustration we both forgot to lock the winch back. She started to pull and the cable came out.

    The great thing about the synthetic line was that at no time was anyone in any danger of being hit. The line just fell on the ground.

    At this point I was getting mad. I backed the trailer all the way up to the Ford and got out the chain. I hooked it to the front of the truck. Steph pulled and suddenly there was a t-post in front of me. Just one random post in the ditch. The Ford was blocking the road, there was no way to get Moby behind it. So I put the chain on the post and yanked it out of the ground. If they complain I will take on up there and put it in. If they had come out and said something last night I might have beat them to death with it.

    We got the Ford pulled out of the driveway, around a corner, and lined up behind the truck. The cable clip on the spool was damaged, so I Gorilla taped the end to the spool and ran about 8 rounds of line on the spool. Then we winched the Ford up and strapped it down.

    As we bounced our way down the dirt roads we kept an eye out for the strap. It was nowhere to be seen.

    It was 11 when we finally got home.

    This morning I got my revenge. I gutted that sucker and hauled it to the crusher.

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    very interesting reading!.....luv it

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