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24 hour scrapyard?!

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    Post 24 hour scrapyard?!

    So a scrapyard in Denver is planning to open another location and it's rumored - by several employees there - that it's going to be a 24/7 scrapyard. This is the yard that is also a food bank on Saturdays. Their prices are terrible for anything besides aluminum and ferrous. Ex. $1.75/lb. for #1 copper and $1.65/lb. for #2 copper. .70 for refinery brass. Good for them I guess since I have seen so many people bringing large amounts of copper to them. Then again I have seen people drop copper in the scrap ("shred") pile, clean copper pipe, even after being told they can get more at the small scale.

    I predict security being a big deal if they end up opening a 24 hour scrapyard.

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    Hmm...maybe it's just a sting operation to catch junkies trying to score smack at 3am?

    I can see a yard having people working there 24/7 running shredders bailers ect. I guess if the workers are there anyway they might as well be open to buy.

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    In most larger cities there are individuals or mobile businesses that will buy your scrap after hours at discount prices. You can find their ads on craigslist, offerup and elsewhere. Sounds like they're taking up some of this. Agree with 520 though too, from a labor perspective it really only makes sense if you're adding a second and third shift to baler, shredder and granulator operations (or depending on the yard's volume, upgrading and sorting materials).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKWrapper View Post
    I predict security being a big deal if they end up opening a 24 hour scrapyard.
    I can just imagine being there at 2am and hearing someone say "Ok this is a stickup. Back away from the aluminum cans!"

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