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i will not do this again.

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    i will not do this again.

    tuesday i walked into town cause i saw what looked to be a box fan when me and my grandma were driving by a house didnt think to ask her to stop lol. anyway walked into town and didnt think to take my dolly and just had my back pack with straps inside lol. it turns out the box fan turned out to be styrofoam lol cause i just saw the white from the raod and they are normally white so i saw the trash lid was up some and i saw something metal inside so i fliped the lid up and it was a microwave so i took stuff out of the trash can to get the microwave out and i put the trash back in the trash can cause thats what ur suposed to do and not leave a mess. i had one hell of a time carrying that beastly thing. i think it was a microwave that is above a stove or something and to top it off it was 1000watts. not sure how heavy it was but it was more than i could handle and i tried strapping it to me but that didnt work. i got it almost home and then i found a quarter on the road and i picked it up and shortly after i picked it up someone drove by and then backed up and asked me if i needed help and i said yes cause i was pretty tired by then lol. i dont normally accept help from others but i did this time lol.

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    We live and learn don't we!! Your tale is one of those," what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger" situations. I hope your carry doesn't leave any permanent injury.

    I was just looking at a map where I'm going to go "Hail Mary" throwing-the-bomb deer hunting at the end of the month. The main public access is a road less area 3 miles long and 2 miles deep on the back side. I know its only grass prairie but hauling a deer out on a kiddie sled up and down some hills will mean the animal is going to have to be worth my time. Sometimes its better to pass on squeezing off the trigger...

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    Even just thinking about picking up heavy things gives me a hernia!

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    I had double hernia surgery in June. DO NOT lift things/items that are too heavy. Gold bars and children trapped under a car, yes lift it. Anything else walk away, it’s not worth it.

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