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prices i got as of 5/15/18

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    prices i got as of 5/15/18

    hey this is what i got for stuff i took in yesterday what are your prices?

    32lb steel .08lb $2.72

    4lb motor .10lb $.40

    3lb copper #1 2.10lb $6.30

    11lb copper #2 2.00lb $22.00

    3lb insulated #3 .30lb $.90

    4lb y brass 1.25lb $5.00

    one radiator 34lb 1.00lb $34.00

    1lb old sheet .30lb $.30

    1lb die cast .15lb $.15

    4lb bb 2.20lb $8.80

    total 80.57

    i stick with the place i go to cause its relativly close and the people are nice and helpfull to. the scale guy told me that breakage is .07lb and he said steel is .09lb so he said he would count my breakage as steel to get me more money is my place just rare or is this common to have scrap yards help you get more money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike1 View Post

    32lb steel .08lb $2.72

    the scale guy told me that breakage is .07lb and he said steel is .09lb
    Somethings not right here, i know its only shred but still

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    I let some things go for steel if they are close enough in price and the labor isn't worth the money. No sense in tearing something down to get .10 on breakage when you can do it as is for steel price for .08 AND not have to screw with it. Plug ends are now down to .05 a pound, so they go in steel and they don't care. They don't want plastic in motors, so small transformers now go in steel. There for awhile they were really cracking down on plastics, but that seems to have eased up. This yard also processes their own steel into new steel products as a different company product line, so I'm not sure what their deal is. Perhaps some of the material was being shipped overseas and not processed by them.

    That being said, there is now a guy at the small scale who somehow got it into his head that suddenly aluminum pots and pans with handles are breakage. I get it, technically, they are. But, a few handles in a SEMI WORTH OF ALUMINUM is still within allowable waste. The yard knows that. They also know most of the folks off the street don't know they should take them off, and frankly, very little of what they get are pots and pans. So, for now I take them off, until the next new guy comes along. It's like the yard manager told me..."It's only really an issue when the people who buy it from us start complaining"...and they haven't ever complained about it. Just somebody who heard something and took it to heart the wrong way.

    Long story short, scrap metal categories and pricing is sort of a moving target.

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