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Let's roll, Kato!

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    Let's roll, Kato!

    The 1984 Dodge 100 is green and it's name is Kato from the old TV series Green Hornet
    It had not been running for like 2 years It had a burnt out ignition wire that I spliced new
    and ---- it started --
    Let's roll
    Just for clarity I posted previous about this truck. I mentioned it ran well . For better clarity
    the seller ( a young kid ) said it ran well , So I put trust in his statement cause as it turned out
    I have an auto mechanic friend who knows the family so he said there good people .
    So the story goes this way Today ( Saturday) I went there with money $500 and a rollback @ $50
    and trust . At the shop I spliced in a new wire, it took a bit of cranking to get fuel going to carburetor
    then it took off , not even a touch of blue smoke . Now it restarts perfect . It is a 4 speed stick
    made in 1984 and 82000 miles .Some of the info the young kid gave me was a touch wrong (year & miles)
    but where it counted he was on the money " it runs well "

    I cant believe it, the sound of a quite slant six & the sound of the gears equals nothing I ever had
    IT IS THE S-HIT this is by far - my best scrap truck ever . I also put in my first curb find
    a cast iron Tub , heavy as all Heck, the bed door is strong metal . the truck is also not to jacked so
    flipping heavy items into truck is easy, compared to my last dodge that was a bit high off the ground

    So me and Kato gonna roll

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    I had an '87 Dodge D-150 pickup as my hunting vehicle/2nd that I bought in '93 and sold it 12 years later. The only downside I had with it was it didn't have posi-traction and during a few ice storms we had, it was pretty gutless in getting around. General snow it wasn't too bad but ice, not really. It would have been a good truck for some of the scrapping I do. Copperhead, I wish you and "Kato" good luck and many worthwhile scrap adventures!!

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    I did a Fuel MPG - check - average speed 50 MPH hwy country road = 24 MPG . I don't drive it like a cowboy
    I drive it mellow . The 225 slant 6 has a narrow power band . If you want they could roar around & it will do it
    but really it's a whole bunch a commotion to go a little faster then slow . It's old school of a truck model started 1981
    the 225 slant came out 1960 truck use and more . The 225 model is reminiscent of the real old Dodges that driving it 55 mph is enough
    sure they can do more but if you needed more a 318 ci was the HYW flyer
    But back to this truck - 24 MPG is base
    A set of new plugs oil change tires are worn - I think it's got 25 MPG waiting
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