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    Quote Originally Posted by EDC76 View Post
    Since it's the auto, I'd look into an auxiliary trans cooler. Google Tacoma pink milkshake.
    Also, that should be a 5 speed auto being an '08 4wd V6, even though it may only show 4 positions on the shifter.

    The previous owner of my '91 bought it new. Now has 322k and still does the job. 3.0 V6 5 speed stick.

    He bought a new Tacoma in 2015 to replace it. He knew nobody would give him anything on trade for it because of age, mileage, 2wd and no a/c so he gave it to me.

    Here's his replacement. 4.0 V6 6 speed stick TRD.

    Used Tacoma pricing is stupid around here. 4 year old ones with 4wd and an extended cab and 60-85k miles are being listed for $22-24k.
    Yes - I noticed the blue book is high on them .
    Your correct 4 speed auto ,
    but put shifter in drive only spot
    and it seems to be a 5 speed auto
    I like your Tacoma but i'll not be able to load it like that .
    So I will get a trailer . 10 foot by 5 foot seem to be all over crags list .
    No other way , I know the truth been there with an old PERFECT Chevy venture I once had
    it was a perfect van ,
    and I discovered scrapping with that Van .
    It was Gold Rush denial syndrome
    started innocent like I'll use it for this and that keep some card board on side's , cover the carpets & seats
    Sure - Sure !!! that lasted a month fast forward 3 years the Venture had 2 smashed broken windows and was OK
    cause driver & passenger window stopped going up or down also . A trailer is going to be the only way
    as the song goes

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    Quote Originally Posted by CopperHeadAKA View Post
    I like the 4 door feature.but it's more like a great work truck scrapping might be tight right ?
    Scrapping would be tight since the rack is in the way. It's set up for a gooseneck, but again the rack is in the way. Could pull a bumper trailer if needed. I bought it solely to flip. But in the mean time I drive it when the mood strikes.

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