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A new year and I'm sick already...

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    A new year and I'm sick already...

    So I hope that all of you had a great and safe New Years Eve. My New Years was spent with some really good friends and a little to much booze, but we took an Uber back home so no worries there. I've been trying to figure out the logistics behind getting a business up and running since a little after joining the forum back in Feb of 2013. It's starting to take shape, although there is so much to do before I even get there. My girlfriend, and soon to be fiance (don't tell her though ) starting feeling ill on Friday and sure enough yesterday it hit me like I just ran into a brick wall. I'm not going to sit here and complain about it, but I look at it like the first minor test of 2017. And that's the great and wacky thing about life. It's about overcoming those issues that we face on and day to day/month to month/year to year basis and becoming better because of it. I hope that in the coming months, I can share some good news and progress on "my" little sand bar in the sea so to speak. I can never say thank you enough for those of you who have contributed to this forum over the years. You really can get a P.H.D in scrapping, as many have said, from the knowledge and wisdom that you all have shared on this forum. To those who have left us over the years, I hope that you are looking down and cheering all of us on. Weather you do it for part time income, or full time, I hope that each of you overcomes your own obstacles this year and becomes a better person for it. Here's to the best one yet!!

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    I hope you get feeling better and good luck with your business plans in 2017...

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    ummmm yea. sorry bout ur luck. it's that O hi O weather. ain't got that crud so much since I got stuck out here in the "Valley of the Sun"!

    keep on keepin on. -BroJer

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    Get well!!!

    I have yet to take an Uber ride...

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    Old guy health advise: To prevent illnesses stop smoking and get dental work done. Neither of those are easy and one is not cheap but it helps prevent catching others illnesses.

    Get up everyday and keep trying. 73, Mike

    "Profit begins when you buy NOT when you sell." {quote passed down to me from a wise man}

    Now go beat the copper out of something, Miked

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