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I am Curb Co

| A Day in the Life of a Scrapper
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    I am Curb Co

    Ive tasted many of the sweets that be scrapping , From the street to legitimate scrapper services .
    While legitimate feels good as you are respectable to the average person .
    The call of the curb , the dumpster always beckons .
    The reality is prices are down & construction is down (by me).
    I still find my Vacs , TV's & some (and plenty ) good hit's
    but many of my best spots have dried up .

    It's a sad cometary as I look for scrap and one to a bunch of Bottle's / Can's is sitting there exceeding the value of a small metal find - I used to marvel at .
    My job in particular can earn $150 to $200 in Returns , I still find scrap but current pricing does not deliver the abundance equal to Thousands of Cans & Bottles wile it is challenging to organize them - I do with the same push as scrap.
    In comparison I picked up an oven from a contact - with a value of $3.50 I'm not complaining
    but a shift in technique is happening for me . Scrapping plus Bottle's / Can's has put me back close to what I remember was peak .

    Short steel still packs some punch, even if less then what Mix was .I am diligent to prepare as short. I am one with the Curb & I dare say I am about the only one out . Even the Tv's and Vacs still have cords that tells you some thing .
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    yep can hunting is just as important and regular scrap if you live in a state with a deposit even so with out its still alu so why pass it up. I live in a college town so there is plenty to go around but of course we all try to get there first lol game days can easily net $1000plus if you work the whole day and night.
    those glimmering in the street lights or mirrors in the daylight they call to you like a good steak to you belly and at the end of it all you both are satisfied lol
    also couches and chair crack surfing I call it to dig for change and other gooey things it adds up fast.

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    I am Curb Co

    hunting with a MIT full of Cards or flyers....

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    I sure wish Florida would institute a deposit on cans and bottles. Yesterday, I came across what must be a kids' party area and filled two extra large trash bags with beer cans.

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    Not scrapping as much here, but still shopping...and finding some nice stuff lately now that the metal prices are down and the competition isn't there.

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