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Hard drive array questions

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    Hard drive array questions

    If a hard drive was removed from an array and then placed in a Thermatake Black Duet external drive port, should it show up on your computer?

    Can drives that are removed from arrays, be tested, wiped and reused in desktops?

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    I've had issues myself with hard drive's in certain raid formats as well.........Hopefully someone with more knowledge will impart their wisdom

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    Generally, yes, they should work. I haven't used the dock you're using though. If you're trying to wipe the drives and give them a basic health check, I'd go a different route personally. What I'd do is grab an old desktop computer with SATA on the motherboard (Like all of us don't have one of them floating around, right?) and plug it in directly that way. Then, I'd boot that computer to wiping software on a USB drive. That way Windows won't be trying to even deal with the Array, and you'll also not have to worry about blanking your own hard drive instead of the one you want blanked. There is fancy disk testing stuff, but DBAN will probably be fine for you. You can then take the blanked drive, plug that into Windows, and test with Crystal Disk Info or your other testing software of choice
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