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    Anyone Here Still Buying Computer Scrap?

    Been a while since I have dropped by or posted. The board seemed to stop for a while. I hope everyone is well.

    Anyway, I have a bunch of computer scrap and electronic scrap I want to get rid of and I am hoping someone here is buying boards and Ram and processors. I don't have a ton, so I am hoping there is someone around me I can take it to in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

    Just got some Frontier cable boxes and I was wondering if they were worth tearing apart or if I should just toss them in with shred...

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    Some of the scrap yards I deal with have a specific price for cable boxes, but it is close to shred price. Computers have a bit better price, but it is still way better to tear them apart. Among the other board and ewaste buyers that come to my mind, you should check out

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    Shred the cable box's.... unless theres a HDD in there, pull the HDD and then shred the rest.

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    Closest place I personally know to you is Jacksonville Metal Recycling (Brett and Scott there can help you) that pays ok for e-waste. They should be paying at least .25/lb for cable boxes w/o hard drive. If you were anywhere near me I'd pay you .40 for them but it's too far to ship in anything less than large quantities.

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    Yea you shouldn't send those cables boxes to and copper way up boards should be worth between $2/$3 lb

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    It's good to hear from you T. I hope all is well with you and your lady. How's the chess going ?

    The ewaste has dropped off a lot in this area over the last few years. I used to get a lot of satellite TV boxes and a few cable TV boxes here and there. The boards are about the same. They're well worth doing in my opinion. The local yard pays .30/lb. I usually ship them off to one of the ewaste buyers here and get around 3.00$/lb.

    What you want to do is focus on the green board. The tan colored board to the left on the one you pictured is the power board. That changes the voltage over from 120 volts to 12 volts. The power boards don't have much value so you can just toss them in with the sheet metal shred.

    Once the green board is out ... remove the aluminum heat sinks. They usually go as extruded ali.

    The hard drive ... if it comes with one ... is probably worthless. Nine times out of ten they either failed or are about to fail. The Western Digital greens have an especially high failure rate. It's generally best to pull the little green board on the back and toss the rest in with your aluminum shred.

    Anyhow ... save up your green boards in the shop. They don't take up much space. Ship em' out to an ewaste buyer here once you've accumulated 45 lbs and you'll probably do okay.

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    Yeah, while working on some electronic devices, I also came across some electronic scarps that might be sometimes minor or bigger ones. This occurrence of the huge number of electronic scrap is difficult for my working atmosphere. So for temporary scrap storage, I just used some disposal bins. You can also store the Frontier cable boxes while removing all the working parts on the bin and wait for the e-waste removal service to pickup.

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