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    I should be buying mother boards...HMMMM

    I know that gold has taken a hit lately, but I am still getting $3.40 for large and small socket mother boards and regular high grade board at a semi local place. I do a LOT of business with them though. I talked with him Friday and he said he was still going to buy from me at this price. It seems as though his prices do not fluctuate very much. Of course this does work both ways. He never raises his prices very fast either.

    i am certainly not saying anything bad about the buyers on here. I have dealt personally with our friend in OHIO and I can say without a doubt that he is a seriously straight up guy and a person of strong character!

    I guess it just amazes me that my guy here can still be paying what he does. I also know for a fact that he does not process anything himself.

    For what I am getting I could buy boards, but I just don't know if it sustainable in the long run or if I could manage the whole process.

    When I seen the operation of our friend in OHIO I was VERY impressed, but I was also able to get a glimpse as to how much effort he puts forth himself to receive and process the amount of material he processes. I will say that he has at least one, and probably many more sharp and competent hard working employs.

    I just am not confident in my own abilities to make that whole mail order thing work in my operation. Then there is the fiscal risk that he takes every day.

    I will be giving it some thought though.
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    Mind if I ask who your friend in Ohio is? I've been trying to dabble in E waste however I don't wanna be sitting on a stockpile without having someone to sell it to.

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    Try looking here. You will find what you are looking for, very near you.

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