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Safety gear

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    easyrecycle started this thread.
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    Safety gear

    If you are looking into getting into recycling/scrapping one of the first "tools" you need to get is your safety gear. Alot of the metal and things you will be getting has it out for you and wants to dice you quicker than chef Gordon Ramsay. Also want to note that even the best packed gear is no good if you DONT TAKE IT WITH YOU.

    GOOD gloves not the all cloth kind
    over the counter pain meds
    heath card if you have unique heath needs, have it on dash.
    wraps an bandaids
    cell phone
    shovel and broom (cleaning glass or other safely related issues)

    Also knowing where you are scrapping and take note if you go into a "bad part of town" as robbery does happen. Also summer is around the block, make sure you are drinking and keeping cool to prevent a heat stroke

    Also do not make a mess, keep it clean and people will not get mad at you for "scrapping" if you clean up the trash as well.

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    Nice info. Can you tell me about the kind of gloves to be used . And while recycling is there some special kind of cloth we need to wear or simple plain cloths are fine?

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    Personally I use some thin(ish) leather gloves from Harbor Freight. Cheap(ish) thin and flexible enough for my hands. The thread is weak and breaks much faster than I would like but I haven't found any better glove for me.

    Also since I am right handed my left hand hold what ever I am taking apart while the right holds the tool. This causes my left hand glove to wear out way sooner than the right. In fact I've never worn out a right hand glove.

    Keep trying glove until you find what works best for you. Mike
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    One thing not mentioned by the OP was safety glasses. ALWAYS-ALWAYS-ALWAYS wear safety glasses.
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    Also, if you're working with machinery, Don't wear jewelery or loose hanging clothing. A few years ago, a member of our community had a loose hanging shirt that caught a still-moving PTO shaft on a baler. It sucked him in, and killed him.

    Pay attention to warning signs on machinery. They're there for a reason.
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    I'm a big one for using hearing protection. Rule of thumb i use: If the sound causes a ringing in the ear it's probably causing hearing loss at that frequency. ie: Pounding a piece of metal with a hammer.

    Steel toe boots are important when working with heavy things.

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    For everyone still looking for gloves I can only recommend Mechanix gloves. I got the exact ones I just linked but with anti-slip fingertips, I just can't find them on amazon right now. They won't save you when gripping into your sawzall, but everything below that they handle fine. At first I thought the price was a bit much for simple gloves, but I have put them through hell and am still on my first pair after almost two years. I used them for climbing, always when working with wood or metal, used them to cycle to work for six months and I just can't seam (sic) to break them. In addition they are the most comfortable and so far only gloves that I would say "feel like being bare-handed". For me I saved at least twice the money on cheap leather gloves from the hardware store in that timeframe. Oh, they also dry extremely quickyl

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    Safety tips, guidelines on safety while scrapping are very important. One really need the right gears to protect you while you are working. I absolutely agree that you will need gloves, an eye protection , helmet and a first aid kit.

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