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getting a truck towed to the yard

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    getting a truck towed to the yard

    ive never done this before.
    it is an old ford 250 with wheels that dont roll so well
    no engine, no tranny (how much weight have i lost right there?)
    the guy has the title so im good on that
    i figure ill call a 50dollar tow guy (it may be up to 30miles to the nearest scrap yard!)
    and he can drive it straigvht to the scrap yard for me, yes?

    is there any special requirements they may have for me? draining the fuel or something like that??
    do i need to have the title exchanged at the dmv or something?

    collecting san joses scrap

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    Since this is in the beginners thread and other new people might click on it hoping to get some answers let me say that every yard you go to may have their own rules so call ahead and find out. The yard i took the majority of my stuff to in Pa used to deduct like $3.50 per tire for car/lighter truck tires. They really didnt care about fluids as they have a guy who drains everything in the back and they had a used oil heater in both of their shops and ran the tire press machine on the gas. They also cut off all the good stuff themselves so if you cut out the good stuff prepare to get light iron and not car prices. Every yard ever is required by law to tell you over the phone that you need a title or some dot issued proof of ownership but at every yard ive taken cars to, a sawzall can solve that problem in about 30-60 minutes. Although they'll never tell you to do that they also will not stop you from selling car "parts". As for towing it in yourself vs. Hiring out, you get all the money if it comes in on your truck. But if you do hire out you better take it to a trusted yard who can write you a check and either have it mailed or pick it up yourself. Tell the yard that your car vin# xxx or make model xxx wil be coming in with towing company yyy and that the money is yours not theirs. Otherwise your better off just selling it to a guy that hauls to which ever yard he prefers. Alot of guys that come into the shredder yards do this full time. They buy cars for about what feeder yards pay and sell directly to shredder yards.

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