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How do you find the best place to go?

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    How do you find the best place to go?

    I talked to this one guy who says he does scrap metal and he was talking about he made lots of money. He said that you have to go to a place that weighs by or to the ounce.

    So is there a name for a place like this? I know the word smelter. I have read all scrap yards rip you off. It sucks today was a dad gummed Sundee, because i would have been calling all around today to places. i know there was a place in Livingston where the lady said that they weighed to the ounce. but that was in the opposite direction that I am going tomorrow, and I'll be out of gas by the time I get back already.

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    There is no best place the scrap yard that pays you the most today will pay you the least tomorrow its supply and demand etc there are a lot of variables

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